Who We Are

I started Soil and Sun Farm because I have a passion for gardening and food, and wanted to help other people start their own vegetable gardens and explore the world of heirloom plants. My first garden was a series of small pots on a college apartment balcony, which produced almost nothing but nevertheless got me hooked. Through the years my gardens grew, fueling my love for cooking and food. I was particularly interested in growing fun and unusual veggies that I couldn’t find or afford in the supermarket - swirling heads of romanesco broccoli, purple everything (tomatoes, peppers, beans, basil), and basketfuls of hot peppers, fresh herbs and flowers. When I went to the big stores and nurseries to buy seedlings in the spring, I found them lacking in heirlooms, and the plants were often sickly or diseased, so I started growing them myself from seed.

I started Soil and Sun Farm to share these plants with the Philadelphia area, to encourage gardeners to try heirloom vegetables, and to spark the gardening bug in new people! I love watching the transformation from seed to plant to beautiful flower or delicious produce. We start all our seedlings from seed and grow them all using exclusively organic methods - never using pesticides or fertilizers. You will find that seedlings from Soil and Sun Farm are supremely healthy and ready to jumpstart your garden.


What We Sell

Soil and Sun Farm specializes in heirloom and unusual varieties of vegetables, herbs, and flowers (to learn more about heirloom plants, check out the “Why Choose Heirloom?” section of this site). Our seedlings are ready for transplanting into your garden, and are sold at optimal planting time, so you will find different types of plants throughout the spring into summer. I choose our varieties for taste, productivity, and suitability for growing in Philly’s climate. For people with space restrictions, you will will find varieties that are particularly suited for container gardening, and ready-made herb and lettuce mix containers. Feel free to ask about what kinds of plants or varieties would be best for you, and for advice on what to do with your homegrown produce!

Where to Find Us

Soil and Sun Farm can be found at the Spring Mill Farmers' Market in Conshohocken, PA on Sundays starting May 8, 2016. The farmer's market is located at the corner of Lee and East Hector Streets in Conshohocken.

For the latest news and info on the Spring Mill Farmers' Market, check out their website!